64th-Rest vanished

• Dec 6, 2019 - 21:23

Hi @ all Development-Teamsters,

Today, I updated to MS 3.3.4 (new), Sorry, but there's something missing that was in use before. As you might see in https://musescore.com/user/28092/scores/1221071, I really used 64th-Notes and -Rests. They vanished from the Menu, and Keyboard-Shortcut Key Numeric [1] for 64th-Note does not work anymore.

What is the reason for this? Development team is in real great danger, that Franz Liszt might rise from his grave and make a spooky visit there, even after Halloween!

I want it back, please!

In great sorrow



With this info only a wild guess is possible and I think you're probably missing a lot of other things too. In the View->Workspace menu, change to Advanced so you get the full toolbar back.

Being in the wrong workspace would explain the missing toolbar icon but not the missing menu or shortcuts. Installing an extension like MDL that customizes the GUI could explain missing menus, but still not shortcuts. You are sure they don't work? They don't appear when you go to Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts and search for "64"? You might try Help / Revert to Factory Settings, and then definitely you will need to re-select the proper workspace. You can also customize the toolbar view View / Toolbars.

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