How do I create cue notes?

• Sep 18, 2018 - 18:15

How do I create the small cue notes in a part? I'm rewriting an Orchestral Marimba part and want to include brass and string cues etc....just not sure how! Sorry if it's easy! Dave


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The quoted method for creating cued notes makes no sense. It appears the menu system has been updated, or else folks are just leaving out steps.

Do this:
Put in the notes you want.
Select them.
Hit F8 to bring up the inspector.
Down at the bottom, select notes, then in the next section presented, click small.
You may make these play or not by unchecking/checking play.

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The method in the HowTo is missing an important element: rests in the other voice. The measure(s) where the cue appears is the continuation of the long rest the preceded, and there should always be a continuation of the rests, in full size, while the cue is in the smaller size. Also, if the cue begins with a short pick-up (less than half of a measure), the rests that precede it (in that measure) are usually omitted.
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hey there...
I am new to musescore... My friend advised me to use this site.
can anyone help me making a jingle? I am done already with the scratch, I just want to polish my composition... I will be happy for a collaboration.

Depending on the size and complexity of the cue, another alternative is to enter it in a different 'voice' on the same stave, and use the Inspector to set the notes to "Small" and to not "Play" back.
In the attached screenshot, I wanted to make the player aware that another instrument had an extra semiquaver (16th note) before their own entry.

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