New version of Musescore 3 and Key Signatures

• Dec 2, 2019 - 00:44

According the handbook on entering key signatures,, when you click on a single staff in a score and double click on a key signature, the signature will apply to all staves. Now it is only applying to one stave. The only way I have found to apply to all is to select all and then click on the key signature. Is this the new desired outcome?


Is your ctrl button pressed? Pressing ctrl while applying a key signature applies it to only one staff. Selecting a staff and double clicking a key signature applies it to all staves and has as long as I can remember.

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I hate to tell you to revert to factory settings, but I don't know of another way to reset the action. You can try adding -R to your run (or execute) command to revert to factory settings and keep your custom shortcuts and palettes if you have any.

Also I didn't ask if you were pressing cmd but rather is it pressed for some reason like the spring under the key is going bad or your cat has her paw on it. Stranger things have happened.

Is it possible you are getting confused by the transposition, and it really is applying to all staves? Or maybe you are using the word "staves" when you really mean "systems"? In order to understand and assist better, we would need you to attach the score and describe more precisely what you are trying to do and how you are trying to do it.

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Noticed that signatures apply only to one staff when the only thing selected is a rest in one particular staff. If a measure is selected via range selection, it applies to the entire system's instruments and onward. This can be annoying depending on the user's workflow, and maybe this is what the OPer is experiencing?

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I can confirm that this is what is occurring. I'm using a string quartet score and if I select the rest of a measure (which is what I have done for years), then only that staff will change to the new key signature. If I select a measure, then the key signature will be applied to all staves.

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