Hiding empty bars/measures

• Nov 10, 2019 - 17:53

Does anyone know how to hide bars/measures that have nothing in them? I can't seem to find it anywhere 🤨😕


Or maybe you mean like a "cutaway" staff, where measures appear and disappear as needed, even mid-system. For that, right-click the staff, Staff Properties, Cutaway.

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If you wish that result, you can just add the desired clef & key to that measure directly. Use Ctrl when adding the key to prevent it from appearing on all staves. For the clef, add to the first note instead of the measure itself if you want it to appear within instead of before the measure, or considering hiding the initial barline.

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Thanks for the reply. May I also ask about the brackets before the new line? Is it possible to add a new bracket before that added line? I would as well want to shorten the bracket of the original system which now covering also the added cutaway line. (I could shorten the front bracket by double clicking it but I cannot position it to my desired place)

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As in the image, when the clarinet enters, there is a bracket before the staff. Is it feasible for cutaway staff? Though I am only writing for a piano solo, the bracket may be not necessary (idk)?
Another thing is that the very front bracket (which is the bracket for strings as in the image) covers also the clarinet staff. That is the bracket extends too high and I want to lower it, but seems like I can only change its size from the lowest point after double clicking the bracket.

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OH, I see. Works if the cutaway staff is all by itself like this; I was imagining if it had been, say, the second violin staff in your example entering mid-system - what would you expect then? Or if there had also been other woodwinds long with the clartinet, and they were playing the whole system.

For this special case, just add the bracket from the Symbols palette.

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I'm not understanding your questions. Adding a symbol from Symbols palette (note: Symbols palette, not Brackets palette) definitely only adds it to the specific place you are adding it - so I'd add to the initial barline. As for editing a bracket, normally music doesn't use inconsistent brackets - they normally follow pretty specific rules. So it isn't clear what sort of controls you are proposing or in which real world use cases they might be needed. But if you attach your actual score and describe more precisely what you are trying to do after adding the bracket symbol as I described, then we can understand and assist better.

Or perhaps - do you mean: "How to collapse multiple empty bars into a single multibar rest?"

That feature is toggled on and off by the shortcut M, or by the menu path Format > Style > Score > checkbox "Create multibar rests".

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