"New Score" dialog in 1.3 and 2.0

• Feb 16, 2014 - 12:06

I am currently trying out different layouts for a welcome screen in 2.0. See

It appeared to me that there is a difference between the 1.3 and 2.0 "New Score" dialog:




Since I would like to have a similar layout to the 1.3 version with the sheetmusic image on the left, I would like to know:

Is it planned to add an image to the 2.0 dialog?

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I think I'm the one who removed the (ugly) image from this dialog. I have no plan to add it back. The image was taking too much room in the dialog. Moreover the image was not displayed on some OS (like Windows 8)

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My Humble Opinion:
What is space needed for in that window? I don't think space is that restrained in musescores current scorewizard. The Image gives a nice guidance for the eye because it distinguishes itself from the background; the current grey window doesn't.
It is pretty much a standard to have a layout with an application logo in the top right(check), a content area in the middle(check), and an image on the left.
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Do you think this particular image is bad? There are many others. On windows 8 it seems like a solvable issue, not for 1.3 but certainly for 2.0.

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We don't have enough room in the next screen


It could be solvable on Windows 8 but it should also work on Windows XP and up and on Mac OSX too. Not just on Ubuntu. It was a lot easier to just remove the image and make it work everywhere. That's being said, if you can make a good image and make the new score wizard work on all platforms, I will hapilly merge the pull request !

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