Latest Version version 3.3 crashes when started

• Nov 2, 2019 - 01:41

Hi I just updated to the latest Version Revision 4761df6

While it appeared to install ok

I found it crashes every time when starting up now from the Task bar or Start menu, It does open momentarily 2-3 secs and then is gone.

I can click on a .msc file and it will open that and stay open fine. This has happened previously and I found that re-doing the factory default stabilised it, but not this time. Any thoughts?


I am getting the same exact problem. I'm not sure if it's the new update for Musescore or the new update for MDL that's the problem. Everything installed fine but when I restarted my system and booted Musescore back up it pops up for about 3 seconds, gets the blue loading ring by the mouse, then crashes.

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Are you on a Mac or a MS-PC? I am on a MS-PC. I start it ( from task bar or The Start Centre does not matter which) it shows the blue Muescore Splash screen, with a box saying The previous session quit unexpectedly.
Restore session? and a Yes and a No button. Pressing either makes no differences to the outcome. It opens momentarily and then just goes away message etc.

I did click on an existing file and it opens ok, did a save as on that to a new file name and explicitly "quit". Opening again, just went to a completely blank screen - no emptry "new file" - just closed after a few secs.

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Could I ask you to check the content of the following folder?

C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\bin\webengineresources\resources

(if you have installed MuseScore to a different location, you should look to that folder instead of C:\Program Files)

I have recently ran into the same issue after upgrading to 3.3.2, and in my case it seems to have been caused by the fact that this folder was empty. I wasn't able to reproduce this from scratch, but if this issue happens to be not unique to me, that could really help in finding the root of the issue.

Hi !
Under LinuxMint 17.3 MuseScore 3.3.2 (AppImage) is still crashing. I get the Splash screen and nothing else.

Have a nice week-end !

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