Brush Stroke in Drum Kit

• Oct 30, 2019 - 00:36

Hi Everyone,

Second question today. Has anyone worked out a method for inserting a "brush" stroke in the drum kit palette? It seems a bit complicated and I think it involves a MIDI designation. Is there a clear sequence for this operation that allows me to insert the appropriate note in the staff to get that sound? I haven't been able to figure it out from the manual.

Thanks. Again.



There are drum soundfonts that include brushes. I don't do a lot of exotic things with drums so I'm not familiar with them, but once you find a soundfont you can assign the brush sounds the same way you do any other drumset sound.

Almost all the soundfont files available in the web have a "Brush" percussion set, which we can select with the MuseScore "Instrument Change" option (See the Manual to the details).

Of course, the quality of the "brush" is depending on each soundfont file.

BTW: Even the fact I'm an old man, I don't think my hearing system is so bad... I just know the standard Snare Drum Brush sound as a real "brush" sound from the soundfont files. I don't know a soundfont with a real Cymbal Brush sound, or any other percussion set brush element sound. So... The normal "Brush" percussion set available from the soundfonts I know is intended to Snare Drum sound, ONLY.

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