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• Oct 22, 2019 - 13:30

I am encountering the identical same two problems when exporting a SmartScore X2 Pro file and importing into MuseScore:-.

I get multiple text “instrument change”. Each need to be deleted individually

I get multiple spurious rests in voices 2,3 and 4 throughout the part(s). As there is no way to multiple delete, each one needs to be deleted individually, it takes hours with a big score.

I have attached an example of each file.

Is a software update needed? In the meanwhile are there shortcuts to correct the errors?

Please advise.


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The resultant notation file from Smartscore had minor edits and the result was perfect. I'd share it with you but you probably couldn't read it. It is an expensive piece of sophisticated software. The developers have confirmed that it is a Musescore error and is well known and yet to be corrected. So, is there a known shortcut to erase Musescore multiple import errors? It may be otherwise easier to use Finale which does not create such errors, I've checked.

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FWIW, I'm one of the developers of MuseScore and I don't know of a specific error on our end that would result in an otherwise correct MusicXML showing extra rests. The cases I know of where this happens are when the MusicXML file itself is in error. So we would definitely need to see the actual MusicXML file in order to investigate further. And yes, we can read MusiXML :-)

BTW, in the score you posted, I don't offhand see extra rests, any particular measure I should be looking at? But again, without the corresponding MusicXML file, there is no way to know if they are in fact "extra" or if the MusicXML file itself had issues.

The Instrument Changes are almost certainly a direct result of the MusicXML file containing changes of instrument. You can either correct the MsuicXML file or delete the changes all at once within MuseScore with right-click, Select / All Similar Elements, Delete.

Anyhow, there is no magic command to detect "import errors" because a) we have no way of knowing what errors existed in the source file, and b) if there are known bugs in our import process, we'd fix them so it works correctly the first time rather than import correctly then make you run a command to fix the error :-)

I get multiple text “instrument change”. Each need to be deleted individually.

Looking at your score...
Right click on a single 'Instrument change', then Select -> All Similar Elements then press Delete.
This will select and delete them all at once. Use the same process for the multiple 'rit' text.

I see no spurious rests in voices 2,3,4 but the same basic procedure holds although maybe you prefer to use Select -> More... and then choose whatever voice you want deleted.

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Of course, when you change a voice 1 note to a voice 2, 3 or 4 note, those other rests show up and fill that measure. Not a bug at all (and nothing to do with import), and those non-voice-1 rests can also get deleted.

So it remains to be checked where those multiple instrument changes stem from, what in the XML triggers this. And what in the PDF...

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To be clear: if you press a voice button with a note selected, that moves the selected note into the specified voice, which necessarily involves replacing the original with a rest, and also for your convenience in editing it pads the new voice with rests so you can finish entering whatever it was you planned to enter there that caused you to start off by moving a note to that voice . Not sure what your goal was in pressing the voice button, but MuseScore did what you told it. If you explain what you wanted to see happen instead, we can advise better ow to make it so.

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