Playback function not playing

• Oct 9, 2019 - 21:32
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S3 - Major
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Musescore version Revision: d2d863f
Windows 10

If Musescore is opened after the computer has turned on, the playback function fails to work.
When the playback function is started (by pressing the space bar) everything functions as it should i.e. the toolbar is greyed out etc.
however, the blue bar which appears over the score (to show playback position) is absent and no visual or audio regarding the playback is present. The playback function can be exited by pressing the space bar again.
The same scenario can also be achieved if the the program is left idle for an extended period of time, excess of 10 minutes. The issue also seems to be more prevalent if the "Rewind" function is selected before playback.
As of late the issue has become more consistent.
This occurs regardless of score/file used, and so far has only occurred in Musescore 3.
Factory reset has failed as well as reinstalling the program.
If the program is closed and reopened, everything functions as normal.

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This happens to me sometimes but it's just a time delay, a few seconds and playback starts normally. Don't know if you waited or not.

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Do you have the MDL extension installed?
Or some other huge and compressed soundfont, SF3 or SFZ?
Have you tried reverting to factory settings?

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I have been having the same issue. Factory reset does not work. I tried the suggestion above about closing and opening up the program again, with the same problem happening. I thought the issue might be opening a file I made on MuseScore 2, but even with new scores it's an issue.