Leslie speaker effect

• Sep 15, 2019 - 20:27

I have an organ score in which I would like to add a fast and slow Leslie speaker effect at selected sections. For the score itself a staff text for "Leslie fast" or "Leslie slow" is sufficient, but if possible I would like it to play back with the effect simulated. Is there any way to do this? I tried tremolo but it sounds terrible. It's not really a tremolo but rather a rapid switching on and off of the notes.


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According to Wikipedia there are two versions/definitions, one being "a rapid reiteration of a single note" (exactly as you describe), and the other being "a variation in amplitude", which is what I understood it to be. I was unaware of the first definition (thanks for the info), but in any case the latter is what I'm after.

I am asked to create "VOX ORGAN" in a score (full Leslie). I do not find it in the instruments. Can it be found and if not, what is the nearest available alternative sound? Many thanks

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I haven't looked recently but I was unable to find a good sound font in the past. I made a work-around in a couple of scores by adding a duplicate track at a reduced volume and applying tremolo to those notes to emulate the leslie. I leave that track hidden. If you expose all the staves and look at the chorus in this: https://musescore.com/user/28322913/scores/5481040 (A Whiter Shade of Pale, the one that prompted this thread) you can see what I did. It's far from perfect, but it kinda works.

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