Export as mp3 not working

• Aug 31, 2019 - 09:07

I have just been attempting to export somemp3 files from various scores, and they get half way then crash. It does the same on lots of scores so I don't think it is the score itself that is the problem. I am using MS, which I believe is the latest version.
Any suggestions?


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Thank you Jojo for your prompt response.
The problem is puzzling as I have tried it on about a dozen different scores. One or two work OK, but the others either stop after about 50% is exported (and then sometimes MS crashes), or they sometimes appear to export the mp3 file correctly but then nothing plays - I have a silent file! (and I am not arranging John Cage.....)
There is a further complication in that I have some parts of some scores as selected for "do not play", but when I change them back to "play" (via the inspector) they still don't play!
There does not seem to be anything consistent about this, and both problems have started only today. I have made mp3 files lots of times in the past, and I have never had problems with selecting and de-selecting sections to play - I do this when I am working on arrangements - in the past.
I have even uninstalled MS and downloaded it again, to no avail.
I will carry on experimenting and see if I can find any consistency.
I cannot see anything unusual in any setup parameters.
Once again thanks for your response.

Could be the soundfont you are using, or something in common between the scores you have tried it on (like all use one particular instrument/sound). Try the default soundfont if you have changed it, then we'll know if that's the issue or not. If not, then please attach one of the problem scores so we can investigate.

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Thank you Marc and Jojo for your further suggestions.

I have now reset everything to "factory" settings, and the only soundfonts that I have installed are FluidR3Mono-GM and MuseScore_General. Neither of these have caused problems in the past. I have been experimenting...

I have solved the issue of notes not sounding. When I woke up this morning I had an idea. I wondered if I had muted anything in the mixer panel and - yup - sure enough I had done so in some scores when I was working on them. I un-muted the guilty parts and then selecting/deselecting "play notes" in the inspector worked correctly. Hopefully that is the end of that issue

However, I have not solved the "export as mp3" problem. I have attached a score for you to look at. Incidentally exporting as a pdf works fine, but then I assumed it would. I have tried exporting this score several times as an mp3. Sometimes it gets to 50% or thereabouts and then crashes MS completely, sometimes it appears to export completely and produces a file of approx 3mbits, but this is silent - I have checked by loading it into Audacity. Sometimes the progress bar in the Export window doesn't show in blue at all, but is clear, although the end of the bar is visible and the %age shows. I can't remember, should I get a message when export (as mp3) is completed to tell me that it has finished?

I think the problem might be something to do with soundfonts. I have just completed some further tests, and this score finally exported correctly using the MuseScore_general sound font, but not correctly with FluidR3Mono_GM. I will try sticking to the first of these and carry out some further tests.

Many thanks for your support

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Hi Marc (and Jojo)

I think I am getting to the bottom of this issue. I have done lots of tests and I think the problem is with my laptop. I have transferred to my wife's computer lots of files that wouldn't export on mine, and they export perfectly on her machine. I have checked all the MS settings and as far as I can tell they are identical on both computers, so I can only assume that there is s problem with my laptop. Maybe it is getting old...

Anyway, I have at least found a way round the problem, even if I haven't found the reason. Hopefully I can now carry on more or less as normal.

Once again thank you for your input on this.

I have the same problem with various scores as well. I'm using the Musescore_General_HQ.sf3 extension SoundFont. I have tried other export file types like .flac and .ogg but are exported as blank files and changing mp3 export settings like bitrate and normalization. But no solution, besides random situations where it works.

Edit: I have found a possible cause for this. It seems as though when a file is saved as a musescore file (Is indicated as not edited recently by the absence of the asterisk next to the score tab name Annotation 2019-09-06 212624.png ) and NO edits are made to the file after it is saved, it will crash or fail to export. BUT, if you have not saved the file or have edited the file AFTER saving it, it will be able to export properly. (As indicated by the asterisk next to the score tab name Annotation 2019-09-06 212841.png ).

Looks like I also found another way this could happen...
When you don't have Musescore General included in the synthesiser at all, then the score will crash when you try to export it.

When I had only the MDL Zerberus .sfzs and another Fluid soundfont that wasn't Musescore General in the synthesiser, MS kept crashing every time I tried to export to mp3. Then I added in the Musescore General sf3 to the synthesiser (but I used none of its midi patches in the score) - then the export worked.

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I have the same problem - using windows 10 and latest Musescore 3 works fine. I can export as pdf mp3 ogg. Installed MS 4 couldn't export anything. Deleted it from the system after a week to 10 days and re-installed still can't export. I think I will stick with version 3 until I hear this problem is fixed

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