The latest MuseScore 3.2.3 version

• Aug 22, 2019 - 14:43

why can't I open an old score by just doubleclicking on the file in my library/documents now with the latest version?
It doesn't work with the "open with" function either.
I have to go to my library/documents and open with "open" in the document menu.

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Your question is not clear so I'll attempt to answer it.

If you mean version 2 no longer opens when you double click a version 2 score, it's because your computer has no way of knowing which version of MuseScore a score was written in until the score is open, so MuseScore tells your computer to open all scores with the latest version which will open on scores.

If this doesn't help clarify the question and tell up which operating system you use (sounds like windows).

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Thanks for your promt answers - impressive! I can understand the logic in your answer but the described problem has, as far as I can remember, never occured before when installing new versions so I was a bit confused. Yes I use windows nowadays and win10.
I also want to express my appreciation to all of you in the Musescore team.
Along the road to learn how to use the Musescore-program I've had the same feeling as when I first came in contact with the computer world in the late 80's when I got my first Macintosh. It's intuitive and it's thrilling. Thanks!

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Often, when programs are updated, the extension on its files change so the program can tell which version of the program the file was created (or last saved) in. When MuseScore versions 2 & 3 were released, it was decided to keep the extension the same. This has obviously caused some confusion. I would hope that in the future, MuseScore will change extensions when the score format changes so users will have a better idea of which program it will open under. FYI, this is not the only program to do this but it's not the best decision someone can make in my opinion.

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