GSoC 2019: Chord Symbol Playback - Week 12

Posted 4 years ago

We're almost done!

So far

This week was a lot of cleanup and making sure everything is good and cleaning up the final bits. That means writing a lot of tests to make sure everything will be good going forward and for new developers to work with. On the user side of this week, it was fairly uneventful, although there is some stuff to hopefully look forward to coming soon :)

Coming up

Sometime in the next week, I will submit the "final" work product. Until then, I'm still reviewing all the bits of code that I wrote and making sure that it's understandable and readable so that more work can be done in the future. Other than that I will soon start to make a more cohesive showcase of everything that's done and review what has happened since the start of the project.

I'm excited to deliver the project next week! Thanks for sticking around!


Excellent work all around! Let know when you feel you are more or less done and I can give the code another review prior to your official "work product" submission.

One thing that I don't remember having seen yet is the playback of Fretboard diagrams, those do contain an exact voicing (frets and string number is known, tuning might be known if a plucked string instument, otherwise needs to get guessed, sound might need to get guessed, but would be one of the guitar type plucked string sounds)?
Hmm, after all a bit much guessing involved, unless applied to a plucked string instrument, which isn't very likely, or just assuming a standard tuned 6 string guitar