Cello doesn't switch back to arco after pizz.

• Jul 30, 2019 - 19:46


I have to add a new topic because I don't know ho to solve my problem. In my score https://musescore.com/user/9728991/scores/5374212 strings start pizzicato, but when they have to play with arco at 41, during playback only violins do, cello is keeping playing pizz. I guess this is because I copied this part from the pizz part, but changing text properties to normal on vlc "arco" doesn't help. Anybody an idea how to solve this?



The score was made with version 3.0.2 which called Arco Normal in the mixer. At the time, the Arco text changed the play style to normal rather than arco. Starting around version 3.1, the Arco channel was changed to be called Arco. The staff text and instruments do not agree. The way to fix this is to right click the staff, choose staff/part properties and the click change instrument to "change" to the same instrument. This will update the definitions and fix your problem. BTW, you need to upgrade for this to happen and I suggest version 3.2.3 which is the latest since it fixes a lot of issues and uses the same engine that the website does.

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Thanks for your answer. I did as you told in the latest version 3.2.3, but it didn't solve my problem. Now I have arco instead of normal in text properties as you said, but when I choose arco (and click also on 1 and ok), well, the playback keeps playing pizzicato :-( Still the same (now I just have "arco" instead of "normal", but this doesn't help). I really don't understand why violins are ok and not cello...

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I removed the electric bass and updated the score online to make it easier to heard the cello. It should be better heard at 75 with half notes. When I play it on the Web, I can't hear it (too many instruments I suppose), and when I play it in Musecore on my computer (just the cello part), the half notes are clearly pizzicato (while they should be plaid arco). I also thought it could be a specific problem to my computer with the instrument settings, but since I can't hear the cello online, I'm not so sure. Do you really hear the cello playing arco?

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I was having a problem with this too. This is the correct solution.
To reiterate to anyone who finds this issue in the future:
1. right click the arco text
2. click 'stave text properties'
3. click 1 [or your voice number] and set it to 'normal' or 'arco'
Do this in BOTH the MAIN SCORE and the PART or it wont work

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