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I would like to add a line break in the middle of a measure. If you see the attached picture, you can see that the first line has a line break mid-measure, above the word "way", and the measure completes in the next line above the words "let us". Is there a way to do this MS? Thanks.

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Use edit. Measure. Split measure before selected note then add the line break. If you want tree bar line invisible click it and press v. You may also want to right click the second measure made and check exclude from measure count in measure properties

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Thank you! This is exactly what I wanted to do.

One problem. I had measure numbers display at the head of each line, and it looks like excluding the broken measure at the beginning of a new line also eliminates the measure number. I don't want measure number to show in every measure, just at the head. How do I accomplish this? Thanks again!

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The barline probably turned from black to gray. If this is the case it will not print. If you use the View menu and remove the check from "Show invisible" the barline will disappear. If v does not make the barline invisible there are a couple of reasons it could happen. First, make sure you have not double clicked the barline prior to pressing v. If you double click it, adjustment squares will appear on the barline. If note of this works, let me know, because v makes almost anything invisible, is very useful and needs to work properly on every system.

musescore midmeasure line break.jpg Is there a way to create this mid-measure breaks where note values cross the break? The example attached requires significant cosmetic surgery in Musescore as the half-notes are split and turn into a mess of tied notes.

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One always hopes that these discussions will one day turn into fixes or features. The work-arounds for many of these are incredibly cumbersome, especially when you have the same musical structures repeated and Musescore doesn't copy/preserve everything on copy, so you have to manually adjust hundreds of notes and annotations individually.

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> "You really can't tell the difference between a whole note and an explicitly notated tie? Sounds perverse."
No MuseScore can't, because the whole note doesn't exist in it's internal structure. It's also a tied note.
The internal structure does not really allow for non-measure-duration-matching content.

So what the across measure boundaries option does (intended for older music) and marked experimental(!) is attempt to show those notes that are currently tied across a boundary back into a single note.

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There is no record of the fact that a note has been entered and tied to an earlier note, rather than being the artefact of a note crossing a measure? (In other contexts such as digital ink for handwriting, there is the concept of a stroke which retains its own integrity even if apparently connected to other strokes in a manner that obscures its individuality).

Aside from specifics, is there any intent to supported line-break/wraps in measures rather than artificially breaking the measures and introducing all these other complications>

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Having a distiction between a 'manual' added tie and a 'generated' tie would be usefull, for example for an insert mode, that pushes notes accross barline (measure boundaries), but so far doesn't exist.

There no intention to allow for mid measure system breaks, and with the Split Measure function also no need for it

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