MuseScore 3 misaligns lyrics of scores imported from MuseScore 2

• Jul 9, 2019 - 08:44
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When importing MuseScore 2 scores with lyrics, MuseScore 3 misaligns the lyrics in Continuous View. This problem was noted many months ago but has not been addressed in the current version, Page View and Single Page View lyrics show correctly, but Continuous View lyrics often overprint the staves below.
This does not happen if the score is created in MuseScore 3, only for scores imported from earlier version.
I rely upon Continuous View when processing multi-part scores, in order to copy and paste large segments of measures at one time. I am forced to keep using MuseScore 2 because this feature is so important to my work.
Singers for whom I prepare these scores so they can learn their parts, also rely upon Continuous View to see the measure ahead of the ones they are singing. Because MuseScore 3 displays the lyrics superimposed over note staves, my singers cannot use version 3 for learning songs. They have to keep using version 2 until this bug is fixed.
There are thousands of MuseScore 2 scores in addition to the hundred or so that I have uploaded.
What is preventing this bug from being addressed?

Attached is a short example file that illustrates the bug.
Here is info on my platform and version.
OS: macOS 10.14, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: d2d863f

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I don't see any misalignment at all - the lyrics are aligned perfectly, and are exactly in the position they should be. The only issue is the one discussed in #276141: Space is not made for multiple verses in continuous view - continuous view no longer allocates extra space between staves to accommodate lyrics by default. Current solution is to add spacers. In that other issue we are discussing potential ways we could deal with this automatically, or give the user more control, perhaps by implementing continuous-view-only spacers. Please keep discussion of that issue in that thread.

BTW, copy/paste works just as well in page view as continuous, I am not seeing why you'd need to work in continuous view just for that. And certainly, singers learning parts aren't copying and pasting, so no reason they should be forced to continue to use inferior versions.