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• Jul 3, 2019 - 22:48

I created a plugin for myself because I keep all my charts in concert key (for guitar, piano, voice, etc.), but have to transpose them any time there are changes for Bb sax and trumpet. This is obviously not that hard to do in MuseScore, just tedious when you are maintaining many dozens of scores. I wanted an automated way of transposing up a step and adding text to indicate the chart is for Bb instruments. This was not so easy to figure out with the new API (for me), but I finally got it to work pretty well, using examples from other plugins. If this was generally useful it could certainly be adapted to accommodate other keys and instruments, but it suits my current purposes as is. Maybe useful example for others to use.



Sorry about the question, but how hard would it be to change this plugin to transpose everything into A minor/C major? I've opened the qml file and see that the current function looks trivially simple (I'm sure it took good amount of time to r&d of course), could anyone knidly share the few lines of code I could paste inside this qml for "transpose to C Major / A Minor" to take effect? (providing the original plugin Author does not mind of course!)
I am too dealing with batches of files and going into menus to do this is a hassle:|

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