After installation, 3.1 won't launch

• May 29, 2019 - 03:13

Just downloaded and installed the May28 release; it removed the round taskbar icon for MS3, but put a new rectangular icon on the desktop. When I click that, I get a dialog box with:
X The item referred to by this shortcut cannot be accessed. You may not have the appropriate permissions."

The same thing happens if I try to launch it from the list of apps on the left side.

The shortcut is to "C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\bin\MuseScore3.exe"

Running Windows 10, 64 bit as Administrator. Before the upgrade, MS worked OK.

MS 2.1 appears to run normally, but it cannot open the files I want to use because they were saved using a newer version.

Ideas? Next steps?


This problem occurred before, with an earlier update of MS3. After struggling with it for a while at that time, I took the desktop unit to Geek Squad and they fixed it, saying it was related to permissions for different users but I didn't get any more information. MuseScore 3 worked well after that, until I tried to install the 28 May release, whereupon the problem returned. I used the instructions at… to allow me as a user to access each folder and subfolder of C:\Program Files\MuseScore3, one folder at a time. When that was all done and I could see the contents of all folders except "sound" (which seems to be something special), I tried once more to launch MS3, without success.

I really need to get this fixed, and in such a way that I can install new updates as they are published. It may have to do with the choice of who, or what, can access these folders, but that should get set up when the program is installed.

After all of these activities including "uninstalling MuseScore3" using the uninstaller, I am left with three related folders in C:/Program Files. Their names are
MuseScore 3 [note the space]

I'm completely baffled. Anyone know what I should do, besides dragging my desktop to GeekSquad again?

There is still a MuseScore 3 icon in the All Apps list of the Start menu, and an Uninstall MuseScore icon under that. But Uninstall MuseScore is not able to complete. The message is "Error getting file security: C:\ProgramFiles\MuseScore 3\locale\Get Last Error: 5" Clicking Ok results in rolling back the uninstall.

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I agree with using the settings and standard routes rather than deleting anything directly. I'm still trying to get this working. I completed all Windows updates, ran the update troubleshooter to make sure (it required one more fix which completed successfully), and attempted to uninstall MuseScore through its own uninstaller. As before, the uninstall did not succeed; it rolled the process back. Next I downloaded a fresh MuseScore installation package and attempted to install it. The only option was to "Repair." The Repair process does not complete because "an error occurred....C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\locale\qtwebengine_locales." Retry (same result); Cancel: rolls the process back. At the end of all this I am left with THREE folders under Program Files (see screen shot in file attachment).

This is the only program that behaves this way, and it is the first time I've encountered any such problems with installing MuseScore although I have installed it through many updates over many years. Has anyone else encountered this?

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