Tremolo isn't ringing anymore, but growling

• Jun 11, 2019 - 10:23

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Acc: Musescore 3 offline play has timing- problems, but score still plays well with online-player

Some weird, spooky sounds with offline-playing of my Boogie-Score under Musescore 3. Got a Message from user blue1x3
"instructions unclear, piano broke"
Thanx for the info, blue1x3. I edited this Boogie with Musescore 2.02 in 2015. And, as the Online-Player on PROOVES still now, it sounded and played quite well at that time. Now, its Musescore 3 as actual software. So, a week ago, I downloaded the new software to my son's Medion Akoya laptop under WIN 10. And, as a demo for my son, I downloaded this file,, too.
All I can saY: Me too... seems you're right, blue1x3, the 32nd notes don't ring anymore, they only growl now. Reminds me of Ver. 1.3 that showed similar problems.
As a supposition I would say, this could be some chaotic result of my soundmix. In this soundmix, there are two pianos playing. a Yamaha Grand and a honky-tonk- Piano at the same time for more Chorus and Reverb. The 2nd Piano is noted in "hidden staff", so you don't see it online, but it played well under ver. 2.02, online and offline.
Looks like a case for the development-team. I will send them a notice.
Thanks again, FarrierPete

Well now: Enterprise, some problem ready for beaming. Beam it up, Scotty!


No, I aint got a solution for this, but some more problems... B^{ The tremolo-Bars inside this score seem to forget their position on the staff and in the measure, if you load this file into MS 3. And, ending points of some Lines (Slurs, 1st Volta etc.) are fluttering around. Weird experience.

So long for now


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