Remove restriction on a barline's negative "Span From" value

• Jun 12, 2019 - 16:29
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This is a suggestion to avoid collisions between cresc./dim. lines and barlines which span between staves. The suggestion means removing the current limit of -4 on the "Span From" property, which prevents the user from extending a barline upwards far enough. This occurs where a part uses several ledger lines above the stave: see Flute 2 in the example score.

For stave text we can use a Frame to provide a white border in cases like this, but the cresc./dim. lines do not offer a Frame property in the Inspector. So it's really frustrating that this arbitrary limit of -4 on the "Span From" value of a barline means we have to put up with a large white space.

The attached score made with MuseScore 3.1 illustrates the problem.

And this is the sort of assymetrical spanning which is required:

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Title Restriction on a barline's negative "Span From" value makes neat layout impossible Remove restriction on a barline's negative "Span From" value

Hmm, while I don't see any harm in the suggestion, I also would definitely not want to use that method to achieve this result. Instead I'd want to simply set the cresc text to have an opaque background. That's simple enough to do if you add a frame then set it to border thickness and set the "alpha" channel on the highlight to 255. This can't currently be done for the text in a line, but can be for ordinary text. That to me is a far better way to achieve the desired result, unless I'm missing something. Eg, add the line with no text, then add the text separately. Or even, create an opaque white text and add it to a custom palette, so you can then add it to your score and replace it with spaces.

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I am aware that text with a frame can be used to create a "cutout" over a spanned barline, and I certainly use the technique for stave text such as "espressivo".

My point is that there is currently no way to achieve this easily where a cresc. line's text crosses a barline. Your proposed solution involves a) removing the "cresc." text from a cresc. line, and b) inserting a separate "cresc." stave text. It just seems a bit convoluted to get round quite a common occurrence in orchestral scores.

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You don't have to remove the old text if you use the second approach I mentioned. But anyhow, that's two different workarounds, neither of which are any harder than fiddling with barline span settings. Really, though, I'd rather see it possible to simply set the frame properties on the line - that would solve the problem more simply still.