Save lyrics with midi export as 2 options: "KAR file (MIDI File with lyrics)" and "KAR file with chords"

• Jun 3, 2019 - 01:43

It's 2019 and we now have MS version and still no option for saving lyrics with .mid (midi) files. There are arrangers out here that would just love to use MS to create Karaoke files for many, many purposes. Why can't we have, on the File/Export screen, under "Save as type:" the option "KAR file (MIDI File with lyrics)" ?
Here are solutions for dealing with the two objections I hear from developers:

1: "We don't have line break characters." Well, introduce the newline "\nl" to be added to the last syllable on the line.
2: "We support lyrics in multiple voices. Which voice's lyrics would appear in the kar file?" Put the vocal selection option in "Preferences" - or better yet - in "Instruments" where we could easily change the voice we are saving Kar files for!!
3: And before you complain about this - you should be able to track which verse is playing during repeats as you spin out the repeats one-at-a-time.
4: And while you are at it, why not give us an option for "KAR file with chords" and we'll give you a standing ovation for what so many of us could really use!!! (Just place the chords over the syllables, the same way you space the lyrics using the lead line.

This would allow us to use a real Karaoke Player app for practice, performance, learning, teaching, etc. It's high time for this feature after 10 years. Let's see what other potential users say!

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