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• Jun 1, 2019 - 20:47

How do I replace a corrupted measure (timing error) with a blank measure. The measure is the first measure, so the replacement must include clefs.

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Hi Marc,

I started with a PDF file that I purchased from the composer. I opened the PDF into PDFtoMusic Pro. That created the XML file (attached). I can get rid of the note error, like you said, but the end of the measure is still full of rests(?). That makes the measure timing sound odd. Is it possible to replace that measure with a blank measure? It needs to remain the first measure, I think? i can then re-input the notes.


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Not sure what you mean about the first measure, it seems fine. But the last two are corrupt, and the third to last seems to have issues too. What I would do here is append a new measure (Ctrl+B) then select the last four then hit Ctrl+Delete, now you can add new measures and re-enter the music.

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Hi Marc,

I really appreciate your help! Thank you for your time and patience. I finally figured out how to use the editor that comes with PDFtoMusic Pro. I was able to delete the notes in the corrupted measures and export an XML file that works ........................ YEAH! I really like using MuseScore3! It's easy to understand and the manual is very well thought out.

Mike Hammer

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