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• Jun 1, 2019 - 22:00

I learned in the German forum that there is no way to rotate a font by -90 °. This is often used in polyphonic music in old scores to name the choruses; example see attachment (CAPELLA I, CAPELLA II, CHORUS I...).

A general solution for all texts may be difficult for the 'automatic placement' and also useless, since I can think of no other application for vertical texts.

However, it might not be so difficult to provide a text property for the bracket used to group choral voices, with the text automatically placed vertically to the left of the bracket, as in the example.

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Next, you will explain to me that a staff text is the only natural and meaningful solution for this case.
I've used your solution once with a lot of fumbling regarding distance to the right and manual vertical centering. I found the result unsatisfactory and much less readable than the original (which I only reset because of the old keys).

I also wondered if a vertical text in a horizontal frame could not be the solution. But the problem of vertically centering the name of one of several choruses clearly shows that the bracket is the only meaningful reference object for the text.

Is it unreasonable to wish for a vertical font for this case, if musescore is called a professional music notation program on the homepage?

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You are welcome to find a vertical font you like and set the font for instrument names to that font. You will currently have the problem that all scores will follow that font.

There is a way, and I don't know the details of how it works, you can apply a font inside the long and short names of the instruments. It will only apply to those items, so you can make VIOLIN be vertical. The problem to figure out would be to label the first violin as I and the second as II since you would logically add staves to an instrument in this case so the instrument name is centered on the staves of those instruments.

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