• May 30, 2019 - 12:41

1- When I open musescore 3.0 since the up grade, it stay 2 or 3 seconds and it close. I need to open a musescore s file to have acces to musescore 3.
2- If i want to listen what I have wrote, I lost the speed of the score every time.

thanks a lot for you fantastic job !!


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Thank you for your attention to my problem.
In fact, I have the problem in all the scores since the last up grade of late May. This is exactly what is happening.

the problem is reading the scores

  1. I write a score at 150 / black.

  2. I want to listen to what I write. The velocity drops to about 80 / black ...

3.I must go back to the beginning of the score, clear the velocity and write it again.

  1. I downloaded a new program that offered to repair, which I did.

  2. I think something happened during the upgrade, and I will delete musescore 3.1, download a new musescore 3.1 and restart at zero ...?

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There are some known issues with playback in continuous view. Have you tried playback in page view to see if it works better? If the problem is only with continuous view, this is a problem people are trying to understand. A smaller score sowing the problem might help someone figure out the problem and get it fixed faster.

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All the scores you have tried may have something in common. Again, if you would like us to understand and assist why you seem to be seeing a problem here (no one else has reported this, and I cannot reproduce with any of my scores), we need you to attach one of the scores you are having trouble with.

Latest patch on my Mac has caused the sound playback to stop working. It also doesn't update the piano roll when I move a note up and down. So if I have the piano roll up, and the key on C, it will stay on C the entire time regardless of me pressing the arrows up and down to change note.

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doesn't update the piano roll

You mean it doesn't update the piano keyboard you can display by pressing P. This is a known issue and is being worked on for the next release. I haven't heard anything official since the 3.1 release, but the plan was to have minor bug releases out about every 3 weeks.

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