Harp glissando across the staves

• May 24, 2019 - 23:40

I plan to have the harp do a glissando towards the end of my piece. I'm almost there(just 18 more bars left) Glissando is one thing where I have seen cross staff notation commonly. Another is arpeggios. I found the cross staff arpeggios to be easy to work around. But I have heard about this issue with cross staff glissandos and that it isn't fixed yet. Is it going to be fixed in Musescore 3.1? And in the meantime, how can I get it to play a cross staff glissando? In other words, something like this:

Harp Glissando across staff.png

And I intend for it to be a diatonic glissando but that's besides the point. It is notated correctly. But unless I'm not used to harp glissandos, it doesn't sound right. Here is the ending that I intend for the harp:

Harp ending.mscz

Is there an issue with the glissando itself in playback or is it just that I am not used to hearing a harp glissando? And why is it that all the notes of the glissando happen during the first 2 beats, there is a rest and then the high note is played for 1 beat? That seems odd to me. Usually when I hear a glissando that takes up a whole bar, each note takes up an equal part of the bar.


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That sounds much better. Much more like the glissando I usually hear. So, all I had to do was adjust it so that the bottom note is a dotted half note. Why didn't I think of that? Well, at least I know how to get a glissando to sound across an entire bar now. There is always more to learn in as sophisticated of a notation software as Musescore is(I mean it is practically equivalent to Sibelius and with every version it gets closer to the sophistication of Sibelius while staying free).

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How did you do this? If I delete the glissando you put in and just replace it with the glissando from the toolbar (which looks exactly the same) it sounds bad again - is there some sort of configuration you need to do to the glissando?

Top one is the glissando from the toolbar, bottom one is yours

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