Save zoom level with scores, keyboard shortcut for "Zoom to Page Width", ability to set default zoom to "Page Width"

• Jul 10, 2015 - 15:15
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I'd like to request a very simple little feature to save the zoom level with scores.

Also, it'd be extremely useful to be able to set a default zoom level in the preferences.

Finally, I'd love to be able to set a keyboard shortcut for zoom to page width.

All of these little details would make for many less clicks. Many thanks!

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Hi Zack,

Preferences --> Score has no ability to set the default zoom to page width. This is the important feature because it scales when the window is resized, whereas other zoom levels don't.

Also, feature #68041 only zooms to 100%, not page width.

I'd therefore like to resubmit these little ideas to the development team. Thanks!

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Title Save zoom level with scores and keyboard shortcut for zoom to page width Save zoom level with scores, keyboard shortcut for "Zoom to Page Width", ability to set default zoom to "Page Width"

Indeed, the default zoom cannot be set to page width—my mistake. That is very much a valid request.

I brought up "zoom to 100%" not to say that a command to zoom to page width is unnecessary, but rather that it should be easy to implement, since we already have a template for it.

Feel free to resubmit these as separate issues if you want to—it may make it easier for the developers to keep track of the individual features requested. (I've changed the title of this issue again to represent the topic as clearly as possible, and as you can see it's kind of a cluttered title.)

Do you have a specific shortcut in mind that you'd like to use for "Zoom to Page Width"?

Many thanks, Zack. I don't really have a specific shortcut in mind for zoom to page width. (In Word I set it to ctrl-Z on the Mac since it's quite handy, but this might not be available or suitable on other platforms.) I'm sure whatever the devs find most logical amongst the available shortcuts would be fine.

FWIW, it is not necessary to settle on a default shortcut in order to implement a command. There are a number of commands that don't have shortcuts, but they can be assigned in Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts.

I sync file "MuseScore2.ini" between computers, the only trouble is the "mag=0._ _" in the contents, if there was a "zoom to page width" option, it would be good.

Which works for you on that particular screen and windows size.
But as you see it scores a factor/percentage there, but any of the other options don't have a fixed percentage.
Maybe we could 'special case' them to use zero (to mean Page Width) and negative values (like -1.0 to mean Whole Page and -2.0 to mean Two Pages)?

Although I've got an active PR for Page width shortcut #295257: Shortcut: Page-width with toggling between it and previous zoom level., I also think the [page width / whole / two pages ] should be as options for default zoom level.

At first, I was entertaining the idea to just allow the page-width to be the default zoom level. That would be really easy to do in and of itself, but that was jumping the gun since there's the default zoom level preference that shouldn't be overwritten.

I was thinking that maybe there should be one other drop down box before the spin box shown in the preferences, and It would be filled with the values "Magnification Level", "Page Width", "Whole Page", "Two Pages", where Magnification level would be what enabled the spin box of % values. If the user selected Page width or the other two, then the mag level would darken and only be enabled again if selecting "Magnification Level".

Doesn't look like anyone has opened an "active" ticket for this yet. If no one's up for it, maybe i'll try it out and see what happens.

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For setting default zoom levels, I've conjured up an alteration of MuseScore:

Default is into Page-Width, the idea supported by some of the people making these issue requests, myself included, and even Marc S. made mention of supporting this as default.

Here's a simple addition which gives a combo box including:
+ Percentage
+ Page Width
+ Whole Page
+ Two Pages

Default is Page Width. All of these will darken the spin box that gives the zoom % unless percentage is selected, in which case the user can still set a default zoom like 75% or something. So far this is working fine for me

A few screenshots:



Personally, I like "Limit scroll Area to page borders" setting enabled so that there's no empty borders showing, but I didn't want to overreach into changing that to default, since I also use vertical rather than horizontal scrolling areas, and horizontal is default.

Anyways. Any comments or concerns are welcome, and I'll throw a pull request here soon hopefully getting this in along with the page-width shortcut.

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