Provide a way to attach a slur to a specific note within a chord

• Apr 14, 2019 - 05:04
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1)The desired outcome is A.
2)After selecting the desired note as the beginning of the slur, the result of typing the S key is B.
3)The result of typing the X key is C.

It can be corrected using the mouse, but it is desirable that it can be done in the form of A without correction.

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Priority P2 - Medium

Well, it's not standard notation, so I'm not sure how automatic it should ever be, but I could imagine some sort of command to force that behavior, something like Shift+Up on the slur handle to change the attachment to a different note within the chord. Unfortunately that would require a significant change to our data structure for slurs, but worth considering for sure.

The specific case of grace notes is indeed special; I wasn't considering that but thought the request was about slurs betwen arbitrary notes within chords.

One possible way to address this then would be to devise a way to specify which note the grace note is attached to and using that as the basis for computing the end element for the slur. That's probably a bit less involved than allowing any note in any chord to serve as a sur end or start point. The latter is possible but probably requires not just a UI change but a file format change too. Actually, the grace note change probably would too.

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Hi folks, sorry to bump an old thread, but just wondering whether this is still being looked at, and if so whether a fix is likely to be implemented any time soon?
Either way, I just wanted to echo @y_yamada's original point, as I am also struggling with this; and, following on from the very apposite Fernando Sor score example above, I think it's worth noting that this is a particular problem when notating guitar music, as it is quite common to use slurs to indicate e.g. Hammer-Ons / Pull-Offs between moving notes within a larger chord, and a moving note could be anywhere within the chord.

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Multiple slurs between chords is common. If you need 3 slurs between chords, you must enter 3 chords and move 2 of them.

I agree that it is an issue. Putting in all the slurs and manually adjusting them takes a lot of time in certain contexts, plus it is not guaranteed to conform to engraving rules.

Hi, I also vote for fix of this issue. I am writing music for lute in tablature. There is it wery annoying to correct every slur manually. And more, if I wrap score, the slur bacame wrong again!
Using Musescore from version 2. In version 4 still is not any improove in this issue.
Thanks V.

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