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• Apr 26, 2019 - 18:07

Visit my constantly updated site, where you can find Soundfonts, articles about Soundfont construction, MIDI and Soundfont tables and many other things.
(Sound-fonts on the site are for the Musescore only)


Write your comments and requests.


imiTyrus Soundfont updated. Pls download new version.
(Pizzicatos corrected (fixed), Gong instruments added)

Also, a demo video added to Studio Session Band section.

Sorry for the ads.
They don't make a cent (monthly: 0.02$) :D
But interestingly, when I remove these ads from the site, the number of visitors falls excessively (with ads: daily 50 visitor; without ads: daily 4 or 5 visitors).
That's why I have to.
If I can figure this out, there's no need to publishing ads.

Close the pop-up windows, do not click on the links with double-underlines.

New update: https://www.hedsound.com/2019/07/flamestudios-guitar-soundfonts-in-sf2…

In reply to by The Adam Smasher

Thank you for your suggestion.

Previously I tried to make wah guitar presets with the help of soundfont parameters. (for both volume wah and frequency wah)
But the Musescore software's synthesizer (fluid) and BASS synthesizer are a bit problematic about this.
I stopped trying because I didn't get satisfactory results.
Without a real wah sample; it can be exhausting to deal with parameter problems.

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