Remove bar numbers for a piece? and start a piece at, say, Bar 620 onwards

• Apr 30, 2019 - 18:35

Hi Probably dead easy, but not sure how to..

I work in an Orchestra, and often come home and rewrite chunks of music to make it easier to read.
I rewrote a Vibe part last night, created a new single Vibraphone part
but the chunk I was re-writing started at bar 620 in the actual part.
How do I stop Musescore starting the new score I created numbering the Bars from Bar 1?
and is it possible to get the score to START with (for example) Bar 620 as Bar 1..if that all makes sense!!
ta in advance


There are two ways to accomplish this. One is to right click the staff and choose measure properties. You can then change the add to measure number to -619, this will number that measure 1 and all succeeding measures will count from there.

The other way is to use a section break in the breaks and spacers palette. You can then right click the section break, choose break properties and use the option to restart numbering at 1 and set the other options as you need.

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btw..Can I change the numbering AFTER having written the part? We are also doing this modern piece this week, which I also rewrote the other night, which, in the real part, the excerpt starts at Bar 91...but you will see that I couldn't workout how to delete the automatic numbering, so added in each bar number as a Text now have both! Also Can I get ALL the new bars with the correct bar numbers..Starting from Bar 91? The Conductor today was shouting..lets start from Bar 117 etc..etc ...would have been good to have EVERY BAR NUMBERED! Dave

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