Fret Number On Chord Diagram Not Saving

• Apr 28, 2019 - 15:46

I've made a score to help teach a song to a friend. It has the score, tab, chord names above the score, and I've added chord diagrams above the tab. Some of the diagrams are positioned on different frets. So I gave them a fret number.

After I quit MuseScore (v3.05.21343) I came back to it later to find that all my fret numbering for the diagram position were gone. I had to start again. I did print a PDF copy first...just in case. I quit MuseScore after making sure I hit the Save button.

Alas, it did not save the changes to the fret numbering of the diagram positions. Drat! I hope this is fixed soon. Thanks!

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This was reported in #286183: Fret number in fretboard diagram can not be saved. The current status means that someone has written code to fix it, but the code has not yet been accepted. Looking at the code, it looks like this is part of a bigger fix that is intended for the final 3.1 release and lute/guitar writers should be very pleased with the new fretboard interface. There was a note as recently as yesterday, and it seems the fix will be included in 3.1 (or possibly if there is a second 3.1-beta) when it's released.

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