Appending measures before a time signature change?

• Apr 28, 2019 - 19:47

Currently, there is no way to append measures before a time signature change. The "insert" command puts the measures before the one selected. However, if the next measure belongs to a new time signature the new measure will also belong to that time signature. To get around this, I have to select the last measure of the first time signature, select insert and then move the contents of that measure over left to free it up. How adding an additional an additional "insert" command so that there is an "insert before" and "insert after" option?


Good idea! Insert after would also be useful for horizontal frames, btw, especially if it was smart enough to "steal" a system break that had been applied to the measure you are inserting after.

Not sure, maybe it would take a drastically change in the code - but does it need a additional command? I remember on a similar discussion some years ago about appending measures. However (and in my understanding) I could still imagine a redefinition of "append", that append a measure would also take effect after the selected measure ("append to this measure"), so that's no matter if the measure is inside the score or at the end of the score.

Until this is implemented, there is another workaround which may be easier than the one you mention.

  1. Select the measure containing the time signature.
  2. Insert measures.
  3. Reapply the time signature to the measure that should contain it.
  4. Delete the time signature at the beginning of the inserted measures.

Now the inserted measures will be in the correct time signature. The number of inserted measures may be incorrect at this point, but you can always delete some or insert more.

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