Too many notes for the bar

• Apr 9, 2019 - 02:11

Any suggestions on how to handle this situation? There are too many notes in the bar to fit on the line.
It is in 12/4 and only one bar per line. No wiggle room that I can see.

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Two options, split the measure so part is on one line and part on the next or lower the scaling in the Format->Page settings menu so all of the notes fit on one system.

Other options - change to landscape orientation, or if this is the only measure with the problem, make just those notes small using the Inspector ("Chord" section).

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After notating the first quintuplet, enter two 16th notes followed by an eighth rest. Click on the eighth rest and then double click on the 'Beam middle' icon in the Beam Properties palette to extend the beam over the eighth rest.
As underquark states, it won't play back correctly.

Another solution, but not a "scientific" one, is use the articulation symbol "tremolo" (more than one cross lines into the beam, in the "Advanced Workspace" palettes, "Tremolo" palette).

It is not mathematically correct but... It saves a lot of visual space!!!

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