Main MuseScore Window Hidden by Windows Taskbar On Startup

• Apr 6, 2019 - 06:03
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Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor
  1. Launch the latest development version of MuseScore
  2. Accept the default options in the wizard.
  3. Try to find the window's title bar.

Expected Result:
The title bar should be located at the top of the screen below the Windows taskbar.

Actual Result:
The title bar and part of the menu bar is hidden behind the start menu.

I've included 2 screenshots. 1 is from the current release version (3.0.5) of MuseScore and the other is from "MuseScoreSpecial-2018-09-20-0904-master-c07ed54-300-file-format.7z".

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Workaround No Yes

The Windows task bar is not at the top of the screen by default, but at the bottom...
So move it back where Microsoft thinks it to belong ;-)

The problem is that the MuseScore window is not maximized, but rather has the effect of having its edges dragged to its either too big, or the entire window dragged above where it is visible below the taskbar. In your picture is looks like it was dragged above where bottom of the taskbar is. You can either allow the taskbar to auto hide long enough to move the MuseScore window or select it, press alt+spacebar and move it with the arrows. If you move your mouse while moving it with the arrows, the title bar will stick to the pointer, and you can place it with the mouse.

Workaround Yes No

>by default
I haven't moved or resized the Musescore window at all. Musescore shouldn't hide itself just because of where the taskbar is when the program launches.

Status active closed

When a window is not maximized windows doesn't care where its default location is. The problem is more with where Windows put the window. It should remember where you put MuseScore last.