[Feedback form] Replace (c) with copyright symbol

• Dec 8, 2018 - 22:30
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When creating a new score, (c) should autocorrect to ©, especially in the copyright box.
This would be super useful thanks guys x


FWIW, I still think it's a good request. Special-casing "(c)" isn't necessarily my vote for how to do it, I'd rather see a way to access special characters in fields like this, also the various text fields in Inspector (for text lines, etc).

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Certainly to me, unless there is some strange conflict that precludes it, this should be enacted. It is one of those "small" but important abilities.
What I have come to is to launch "Character map", copy from it and place it, but this is really cumbersome requiring a few clicks.

I’d just tell users to get a keyboard layout where they can type it, or use an OS-specific character map utility.

Adding the F2 palette also sounds sensible.

Anything, just not making an “auto-correct” mandatory. (What if I want to write precisely “(c)”?)

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As long as the auto-correct is forced, it’s not acceptable. (Incidentally, “(c)” is not rare in licence terms, so it would hurt there the most.)

An optional auto-correct would be acceptable, but adding the F2 palette would achieve more with about the same amount of effort and help users better.

So you tell the users "go fish"...
Why not use "(C)"? I've never ever had a need to write it that way. Lower case might be different though.

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Before v2.0, the copyright symbol exist as a check box in the preferences menu, so users had choice to autocorrect or not.
It would be nice to retrieve that, it will save time to use keyboard shortcut, mouse and clic to search this special symbol that we use for each score we transcribe.

Mac OS has a system-wide text substitution facility. Changing "(c)" to "©" is a rule I've set up (see screenshot). Do Windows and Linux have this capability, too?

I agree with @mirabilos that MuseScore itself shouldn't mess with text you enter. Ideally it would apply the OS text substitution settings. I don't think it currently does. Is this something QT allows for?

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I think it’s not a good discrimination to make it “easier” (for people who do not have it already on the keyboard) to type one special char (while forbidding an otherwise good ASCII string) and not the other million Unicode chars.

Which is why I’d suggest to just add the F2 thing there.

@RobFog: No, the various GUIs used on GNU/Linux, the BSDs, etc. don’t support automatic text replacement, although you can often type Compose-Key + o + c to get the Copyright symbol (where the Compose key is bound to depends on the layout, but it’s often exposed), or Ctrl-Shift-u+A+9 (though that’s more GTK).

While I share some discomfort over special casing one Unicode sequence out of a thousands or millions, I would add that if I had to pick one Unicode symbol to special case in one field, it would be the "Copyright" symbol in a field specifically labeled "Copyright" :-). To me, it's not that obviously worse than special-casing "b" and "#" when entering chord symbols, or "-" and "_" when entering lyrics. Still, I'd also be perfectly happy with a little button next to the field with the copyright symbol on it, clicking it would insert the symbol at the cursor position.

The golden solution would probably be to have the F2 palette work in those text input fileds, just like it does in e.g. lyrics or staff/system text. That'd enable the whole set of UNICODE and SMuFL glyphs here too.