How to use MuseScore 2.2 with Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ

• Mar 26, 2018 - 07:59

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I really like how you extended it by a lot of background information helping people to both understand what was done in the original instrument file and how to apply this to their own configuration, and the screenshots. The extra background information also helps people who aren’t versed organ players understand things better.

Someone could try whether Hauptwerk works under “wine” (Windows emulator) under Linux. Chances that it works with_out_ the dongle are pretty high, with the dongle is “it depends”.

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Thanks! With all due respect to the parishioners of Moseley, England, the St Anne's organ is nothing to write home about. If I were a kid who was a parishioner there, I'd be impressed, and maybe nurture an interest in organs, but to anyone familiar with great and classic instruments ... that dongle is sine qua non, and GO offers a better learning path.

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