"Go to" and "Sections" capability

• Mar 14, 2019 - 22:28

Hi, Gang!!!

Why not to add a "Go to" button to help us to go direct to some specific measure/bar and/or part of the piece? ???

Why not to add the capability to make "Sections" in our pieces? ???

Let's say:
Section 1, "Intro", from bar 1 to 10
Section 2, "First verse", from bar 11 to 30
Section 3, "Chorus", from bar 31 to 40

And so and on...

Of course, it is intended to help us to go directly to some specific point of our pieces.

Ok, ok!!! I know we have the [Control] + [F] shortcut to search into the score. Yes! But... I'm talking about an specific button, called "Go to", in the upper tools bar.

Why not? ???

Blessings and Greetings from Chile!!!



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"Go to section" would be a ncie command, but it would be that much better if the sections could be named. Depending on how one uses them, referencing them by number might not be very meaningful.

There is a pretty recent "Go to next/previous section" command, though, that is pretty nice if you define a shortcut for it.

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Yes, section number would be the pretty low-hanging fruit though. And they don't really have names, not in the sense of e.g. non-numerical reheasal marks.
Another nice one would be command to go to section-relative measures and rehearsal marks.

And I even have some code for this already, and since (far) more than a year, although still not fully ready and working

If I understand correctly, you're not asking for a new feature, just for the search box that appears when you type Ctrl+F to remain visible, and move it to the top? Note it stays open after you do the Ctrl+F, so really, it's just a matter of wanting to move it?

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Understood. For the record, it's also in the Edit menu. We can't realistically take every menu command and put it on the toolbar by default, it would get gigantic very quickly, That's why menus exist, after all. But it could conceivably be added to the list of command that you can add when customizing your toolbar via View / Toolbars. Feel free to submit a suggestion for that in the issue tracker.

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FYI, this was driving me crazy. I was using the Find/Goto option and it used to actually Go To what I was searching for then it stopped. It would show the measure number of the Rehearsal mark I was searching for but the view would not go there. After unsuccessfully searching for a solution, I discovered that the Pan Score Automatically button needs to be engaged for the view to actually go to what you are searching for. Perhaps this can be added to the handbook?

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