Is 3.0.5 Plugin API stable?

• Mar 12, 2019 - 22:10

I've been looking into whether it's possible to automate a task I've had to do manually for a while, using MuseScore plugins. Specifically, I'd like a way to create choir rehearsal tracks with specific part(s)/voice(s) emphasized in various ways, quite similar to what this user did back in version 1.0:

(ideally I would like to be able to also affect "pan" mixer settings, though I gather mixer access is still not possible?)

I'm having difficulty finding some properties in the current API, such as partName/shortName property of parts. I'm not clear whether that's ignorance on my part, or whether it's just because the new plugin framework is not really ready yet?


The answer is "both"

At first glance the plugin framework is now pretty much on par again with how it was in v2.x
However this also means that it hasn't been further developed/expanded yet; so it remains (for now) a rather limited interface.

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Hmm, well I'm definitely not seeing "partName" or "shortName" properties of a part, contrary to what the manual says.

console.log ( "part props: " + Object.keys(part));

gives me

Debug: part props: objectName,type,name,startTrack,endTrack,objectNameChanged,userName

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You are right.
The part object is not as expected. Suppose you cannot do much with it.
And similar as for score object If you read the name property you get 'part' for a part and 'score' for a score.
Hope they will somewhen learn how to expose methods and proprties correctly.

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I analized a bit and seams that more objects are now visible for Plugins. Only one property was lost.. the array scores containing the list of open scores. Therefore e.g. the Plugin scorelist will not work in 3.05...I'am waiting for 3.06..3.1 or whatever comes.

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