Looking for a high-quality choral/voice SoundFont

• Mar 10, 2019 - 17:57

I'm looking for a good soundfont for either solo voice or choir. However, I'm not looking for a SoundFont with one preset. My hope is to find one with different voices, so as to distinguish from soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. Any help would be appreciated.


I very much support this wish! Since years I use MS to practise for various choirs and different flavours for soprano and bass would be highly appreached. All googling so far didn't point me in a helpful direction.

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“KBH Real and Swelling Choirs” from https://musical-artifacts.com/artifacts/387 is CC-BY 4.0 without an embedding exception, which means CC-BY would probably also apply to the waveform audio generated from it (i.e. the WAV/MP3/FLAC/OGG files you create in MuseScore).

“052 Florestan Ahh Choir” has no licence. I’ve eMailed Nando Florestan asking for one. I’ve found a hint that makes CC0 a probability, which would allow far greater use (and inclusion into MuseScore_General, possibly as an alternative one, or replacing the current one, depending on how much better it is and/or whether it has any regressions; mixing samples from these two is also possible, although there are benefits in having distinguishable samples, so you can assign one to the women and one to the men, for example).

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Yeah, I would like to have a couple different ones as well, even panning and reordering (S-T-B-A like Rutter did on the Singing Day in the Netherlands) is not enough to cleanly separate the voices.

The additional problem with almost all soundfonts is now that they’re not expressive, i.e. don’t support Mu͒seScore’s new Single Note Dynamics… :'(

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