MuseScore Crashes Immediately on Startup on Windows

• Mar 1, 2019 - 19:07
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S2 - Critical

Steps I used to reproduce bug:

  1. Open MuseScore using the shortcut to open the program.
  2. The program asks if I wish to restore my last session. I select no.
  3. The program crashes, and I am unable to go past this step.

I have never had this problem in any of the versions before, but another thing I found quire interesting in the previous version of MuseScore 3 is that I would get an error message every time I close the program about invalid workspace files. It never affected my compositions, but I figured that it may have had something to do with such huge changes from the last version. I love MuseScore 3 so much when it functions normally!


Same exact problem; I cannot get Musescore to stay open. Crashes upon starting.. I'm Using Mac OS 10.14.3 Sorry - just saw comment re: issue #..will go there.

I'm having the same problem on Mac OS and when I tried to 're-download' to see if that was the issue, I get a failed network error or the download cancels before completing

Tyler, I had the same thing happen on my Window 10. I went to Windows, Control Panel, Programs and Features, Add or remove program, right click on MuseScore 3, left click on Repair.
That solved my problem, hope this helps yours also.

Title MuseScore Crashes Immediately on Startup MuseScore Crashes Immediately on Startup on Windows

The Mac issue is different and there is a workaround. Check the issue i mentioned above.

Thanks - this seems to have worked (using -w vs -F). I did NOT remove sartcenter from preferences (is it in the main preferences? I didn't see it there) - but muse seems to open and allows me to open a file without crashing! Thanks so much - I love this program and have been using it a lot lately.

I have the same issue. When opening MuseScore it directly crashes.
However when double clicking a score it works.
Disabling the start center in the program preferences seems to solve that problem.

Severity S1 - Blocker S2 - Critical
Status active needs info

So far only a very small handful of people are experiencing this and none of the developers can reproduce the problem. So we will need those experiencing the problem to help out by doing more investigation as to what seems to be unique on their systems. Indeed, telling us which specific MuseScore build is involved would help, also telling us the specific WIndows build, also relevant system details like what CPU you have. Probably that still won't be enough to help us figure things out, but anyhow, we do need more information in order to do anything.

My suspicion is that it only affects the 32bit version on Windows (and possible only on 32bit versions of it) and that possibly those ANGLE DLLs that are part of the MuseScore package (and the error messages claims missing) are in fact 64bit DLLs rather then 32bit and that this is the reason why Windows doesn't take them?

If so we might be looking at a Qt issue, delivering the wrong versions of those DLLs?
Or we're bundling the wrong versions?

Sorry, I lost the thread and was not able to reply! Here are my notes on the situation:

I not only reinstalled Musescore 3, but I also put my scores folder in a different place. I believe that the folder size may have been the problem (five years of arrangements and composition ideas adds up), so I have a different directory outside of the program for that now. Overall, I believe that was all I had to do.

To add to that, when I opened a score instead of the program by itself before I took the steps mentioned above, it would respond just fine. However, when I closed all the scores, it would crash again.

I do not have any crash reports, but this was on Windows 10 on a 64-bit operating system. If there are any other questions you have about this situation, I will be sure to be more prompt on my next reply. I have this tab bookmarked now!

If you were having problems two weeks ago, that was a different version than the curret, so please update. Also reboot to be sure there are not older processes getting in the way or other system resource issues, and also revert to factory settings as described in the Handbook to be sure there isn't some issue with older settings or gigantic soundfonts leftover from whenever. If the problem persists, please provide more info.

Had the OpenGL problem already in MuseScore 2 (Windows 10, 32bit). It was not the Start Center crashing but Plugins. There I found the solution to put the mesa opengl32.dll in the Musescore 2\bin folder.
After this did not help out under MuseScore 3. I was searching, reading, testing.. and..


I took the mesa file from
extracted the file to some folder, renamed it from opengl32.dll to opengl32sw.dll and then copied to the musescore 3\bin folder.
I did not do much testing but the start center did no more crash and the panel demo plugin ran also.
Hope this can help some other users with old Intel integrated graphics.

As far as I understood the Qt angle Implementation excludes some Intel graphics whereas e.g. candy crush obviously uses also angle and that is running on my Intel GMA 3150. I anyhow do not understand why one needs special rendering here and then... why mesa works with intel and angle would not even if it is part of many software under Windows 10. Seems rather a problem of Qt then of angle.

The opengl32sw.dll is IMHO just a fall back only used if hardware support is missing and angle fails.
So it could be an idea to add this dll in the Win32 distribution of Musescore 3?

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The Point seems simply to be that some older Intel integrated graphics are on a blacklist in Qt and therefore excluded from angle usage.
Think these will die out. My netbook was a very cheap one from ALDI and now is 9 years old, ok I put in some additional memory and a SSD drive when Windows 10 came up. So in total I think about 250 Euro. But as long as everything is running..and it does not too bad.…

Status active needs info

Yes. The "Priority" field is the only one that is reserved.

Meanwhile, I can't say I fully understand the problem, but if you feel it is fully understood, could you please set a more descriptive title that captures something of the problem? "Like "MuseScore crashes on Windows if you have Intel GMA 3150 but lack opengl32sw.dll" or whatever. Then we can understand better how to set priority accordingly.

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I am not the owner of this thread but...
I tried to undestand and help to understand and solve the problem.

Angle software is shipped with musescore and that software can if necessary switch OpenGL to DirectX...
as far as I understand. This is only used when the hardware does not support OpenGL to the necessary level.
So this is a so called fall-back. (read my link above)

Now, as there are multiple graphics cards blacklisted in QT (I do not have that list.)
this fall-back will not help the users with that graphics cards (think it is mainly older intel integrated graphics used in portable computers..laptop, netbook.., but not only intel)

As I read Qt 5 supports a second fall-back to an opengl32sw.dll and here I took the one from mesa as descriped above. Which worked for me and perhaps could help other users with black listed graphic cards. But then this opengl32sw.dll should be perhaps sipped with musescore. But this is just a suggestion.

For me the problem is solved.

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I don't think this issue has been fixed! I downloaded MuseScore today and, attempting to open the program, it crashed my Windows 7 (64-bit) PC 3 times by now! Can you please tell me what is going on and how to fix it? It would be helpful if the solution were explained in terms which an IT literate but not specialist person could understand and take action. Thanks!

I'm having this exact same problem with Musescore 3 on Windows 10. I'm sure I have 64bit, and my scores folder isn't gigantic, since I've only been adding onto it for like a year. I don't know how to fix this. Since I downloaded the recent update, it has not let me open it.

This DOES work:
.... Double click a score to open MuseScore. If this works, open Edit->Peferences and remove the check from "Show start center"

You certainly didn't pay anything for MuseScore, not for or the MuseScore program for Windows, Mac, Linux. If you did, you got cheated!
And the Pro account on or the mobile apps for Android and iOS are not dealt with here at all...

I am still having this issue as of Dec 01 2020.

OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 465e7b6

When starting the application from the start menu, it crashes immediately after opening the main window.

When opening a score with double-click from the Windows Explorer, it remains opened and operates correctly. I am still having trouble with mp3 conversions and occasionally, there is no sound in the application at all, not sure if these problems are related. I have upgraded the application today in hope of solving the aforementioned problems and now this "crash on start" aka. DOA problem occurs and the old ones still remain.

Type Performance Plugins
Reported version 3.0 4.x-dev

Erro OpenGL, Musescore 4.0.0 (64 bits) não funciona

Estou tentando executar a versão de 64 bits do Musescore 4.0.0 em meu PC Lenovo que executa o Windows 10 Professional.

Estou recebendo este erro:

"Falha ao criar o contexto OpenGL para o formato QSurfaceFormat (versão 2.0, opções QFlags

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Erro ao entrar no Musescore 4.2.1.png 27.52 KB
Type Plugins Performance
Reported version 4.x-dev 3.0

Please don't highjack a long closed issue

Also notice that MuseScore 4.0.0 has long been superseeded by 4.2.1 (and will soon by 4.3.0)
Another thing to be aware of: make sure to have fully updated your Windows 10, early (and no longer supported by Microsoft) versions may not be compatible with Mu4

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