Re-pitch shortcut

• Jan 7, 2018 - 12:33

Prior to version 2.1, ctrl+shift+i toggled between Re-pitch and Step-time note input. I don't remember getting posts from people saying they can't delete a note because they do not know they are in Re-pitch mode. In version 2.2 ctrl+shift+i is no longer a toggle but rather a setting. What's more is there is no predefined shortcut to force MuseScore into Step-time note input mode. This has led to several posts over the last few months from people who have accidentally entered Re-pitch mode unknowingly, with no idea how to get out. I believe this is because people will instinctively repeat the same actions that got the into the situation to attempt to get themselves out of the situation, so in version 2.0.3 the user would repeat keystrokes and toggle back to Step-time mode.

There are many users who use midi as a primary note input method. In order for the user to enter notes using the midi keyboard, the user must either click the fancy N icon then the desired input method, or define a shortcut to the input method. These users, in my opinion, tend to be more computer savvy and would adjust to a new method for entering notes into their scores.

Proposal to help these users:

Since all user or pre- defined note input shortcuts switch note input mode to on and select the desired note input mode I would suggest in future versions to do one of the following:

  1. Remove the default ctrl+shift+i shortcut for Re-pitch mode
  2. Redefine the N shortcut to always turn on or turn off Step-time input mode.
  3. Make ctrl+shift+i once again a toggle. Pressing it while not in Re-pitch mode would turn on Re-pitch mode. Pressing it while in Re-pitch mode would change to Step-time mode rather than turning off note input mode, leaving the N button to turn Re-pitch mode back on.

Number 2. would mildly affect the midi users. They may be used to setting up their note input to a midi method every time they open MuseScore, then typing N afterwards to toggle their note input mode.

When there were 2 note input modes, using ctrl+shift+i to toggle between the two modes was logical. Now that there are multiple input mods and ctrl+shift+i is no longer a toggle and it makes no sense to have only that shortcut defined to turn on a specific mode. Defining a shortcut for every input mode is a very logical option, but I myself would prefer to allow users define their own shortcuts - if they even want them.

There is one major benefit to 1. There is very little programming involved to remove a shortcut, all other methods require some programming to make them happen.


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