Capo chords in Version 3

• Feb 26, 2019 - 19:10

The documentation says this: "Capo

Enter the number of the capo position at which you want to display substitute chords, in brackets, after all chord symbols in the score. "

It offers no example and it is not clear what you're supposed to DO. For example, I have a piece in G minor. G minor would be the E minor shape with capo on the 3rd fret. I am using the jazz style which means G minor is G- So I tried G- (3) with and without an option space and with round or square brackets. The desired result would LOOK LIKE THIS (I guess) but it DOES NOT.
G- (E-) and the whole bloody mess would transpose properly if you transposed the piece. The BEST SOLUTION would be to have a GLOBAL Capo setting that automatically figured out and displayed the Capo'd chords in a different color, ABOVE the pitch chords or beside them, choice of the user. If you transposed something with a capo setting, you'd be given the choice to change the fret # , since that is typically what one would do.


Did you perhaps try to include some XML code in your post? Seems there might be stuff missing? Anyhow, if I create a score, add chord symbols like G-, then go to Format / Style / Chord Symbols and set the "Capo fret position" to 3, I get what I expect: "G- (E-)". I take it you tried something else, but anyhow, that works.

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