Halving all note lengths and measure

• Feb 26, 2019 - 14:46

I have a score written with semibreves and breves, and would like to make it more easily legible by halving their lengths, but also halving the lengths of the measures, i.e., I want to "modernise" the notation. Haven't found any way to do that. Any ideas? thanks


If you are using MuseScore 2, there is a plugin for that. If you are using MuseScore 3, you will have to wait a bit. It seems the plugin wasn't yet ported to MuseScore 3. Give me a few moments and I'll try porting that for you.

I looked at the plugin. Even in MS2 it doesn't work quite as expected. I also don't know enough about the plugin framework to actually make it work in MS3. Sorry! Your best option would be to try to use MS2 for this or do it by hand. If you want to use MS2, you will need to export as musicxml and then import into MS2.

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