Filipino Mass - Credo

• Feb 9, 2019 - 08:29

It's incomplete, but I've already written the entire opening with full orchestration.

Also, I accidentally added a text frame on the first page and whenever I try to delete it, MuseScore crashes. This never happened in MuseScore 2, so I think this is a new bug in MuseScore 3.

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credo-i-sumasampalataya ako.mscz 45.36 KB


I'd like to take a look but I still use 2.3.2. which will not accept it. If you can put this on .com (perhaps in the place of some already reviewed WIP) you will likely get feedback from many more, including some experienced and/or learning composers, young (many) and older. All you get here is an old frog like me.

P.S. - I always upload custom audio. As long as I am going to fuss with orchestration I want to give the work its best shot and allow the listener to hear what I hear. An orchestra on mscz sounds awful. (Custom slightly better on orchestra, much better on chamber, trios etc.)

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