Can't save or export my project in any file format

• Apr 19, 2018 - 18:56


I can't save or export my project as a .mscz or PDF file, I always get "File not found, check the name and try again".
I'm using windows 10.

Thanks for help.


That's not a message I am familiar with and does not appear in the MuseScore source code. While it could be a message generated by Qt or by Windows It doesn't sound like one that should happen when writing, only when reading, making me suspect you are somehow doing things wrong, but I can't guess what. Can you give precise step by step instructions to reproduce what you are doing?

I'm having the same problem now with MuseScore 3, and I don't see that the original issue was ever resolved. In my case, I had recently installed OneDrive and linked the folders containing my scores to the OneDrive sync folder. It was after that I started getting this problem. I've since removed OneDrive completely, deleted the linked folders, write-enabled all possible folders in the path, reset my computer multiple times - and I'm still getting these errors which make no sense, either:

File not found - check the filename and try again (if I try to do a simple Save) or,

Open temp file blah-blah-blah.temp failed, no error

I've tried copying the file to a different folder and opening it from there, saving to a different folder, etc. Nothing works. However, I have no problem editing other files in the same folder using other apps and saving them, so it seems pretty clear that there is something about the way MuseScore is trying to write the files that something in Windows doesn't like - possibly related to the prior use of OneDrive.

I see from the forums that numerous people have had issues like this in the past, so it would be nice if anyone actually knows what is going on.

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However, I have no problem editing other files in the same folder using other apps and saving them...

Huh...? Saving as a MuseScore file in the same folder while using another app ?

So you have the same MuseScore folder that has files that can be opened using other apps?
MuseScore files show file extension .mscz (or mscx). They are those that MuseScore can open (and save) natively... and here I am not talking about importing - e.g. midi, musicxml, guitar pro, etc.
Do the file extensions display in Windows Explorer?

In other words...
You can open, for example, 5th Symphony.pdf, 5th Symphony.png in other apps (Adobe Reader, Photo Viewer) because you have mixed files with different file extensions, each which are native to the "other apps"..

Do you have any .mscz files that you can open, but not save?

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Ok, I found my problem - which has nothing really to do with MuseScore. It has nothing really to do with OneDrive either, but maybe this will help someone else. When I was installing OneDrive I happened across a Windows setting: Windows Defender Security Center->Virus & Threat Protection->Ransomware protection->Controlled folder access. I didn't really know what it did, but it sounded good, so I turned it on. That was the source of all my problems. Once I turned it off MuseScore works as normal. Mea culpa.

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