Staff distances

• Feb 7, 2019 - 20:16

Hello! My question is as follows:
I'm writing for a trio (violin, cello, piano).
I have set staff distance = 6sp and grand staff distance = 8sp (for the piano).
In this way, I have 6sp between violin and cello and 6sp between cello and upper piano staff.
I would like to widen the space between the cello and the first piano staff to 10sp throughout the score, in page mode.
When I use the "staff spacer down" in the first system, it affects only this system and not the rest of the score.
I have a score of 300 measures, so clearly it's out of the question to use spacers in each and every system.
So, is there a way to modify solely this exact staff distance to e.g. 10sp ?
Thank you!


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Good point about version 3 vs. version 2.
For the time being, and especially in this forum, it's a good idea to routinely state one's version of MuseScore.
With the new (stable?) version 3 release, there's much hootin' and hollerin', gnashing of teeth... also people reverting to version 2 -- hence lots of people on "different pages".


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