[EPIC] Fretboard diagram issues

• Feb 7, 2019 - 11:53
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S3 - Major

Issues relating to Fretboard diagrams.


JIRA is a different issue tracking system, right?

I don't think this issue should indicate any scheduling. It's intended to give an overview of the issues relating to the particular feature, the fretboard diagram.

I don't know what Issue Tracking engine musescore uses, and since it sounded enough like JIRA, I made a guess.

But back to the point, I received a notification about this post, and I assume it's because I was involved in some of the linked issues. So I was trying to understand what's going on here.

As the list of linked issues has grown since this morning, it appears that someone is compiling a list of all fretboard related issues, perhaps in preparation for taking on the challenge.

So that's good news!

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Excellent. In JIRA they might all be tagged with the same “Component”.

I will say again that MuseScore is such a beautifully designed product.

If help is needed helping to design or test the fret diagrams, it matters a lot to me and I’d love to help.

Just a note, I'm going to look at fixing a fair few of these bugs over the next few weeks. This will require a fairly large reorganisation and refactor of the fretboard system, but once I'm done, we should have partial barres, multiple barrels, and less buggy behaviour. Sound good?


While you're in there perhaps you could take a look at the other Fretboard Diagram issues that were opened and tackle them all at once? I'm sure that would make you very popular :-)

Nice! Correct me if I'm wrong, but these are the ones that aren't bugs because of the fretboard design implementation, but rather for other reasons? Especially that open string one, that's just a one line change iirc ;)

Having taken a look at the other ones, mostly to do with barres, I've come to the conclusion that a refactor is needed to fix these issues. Would you agree? If so, I'm going to try and a refactor.