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• Jan 21, 2019 - 19:53

HI there, I installed MuseScore 3 and the program will not run. The splash screen appears then nothing. I opened the Task Manage and went to the Details Tab (I'm in Windows 10, 64-bit) and I casn see the MuseScore3.exe process appear, then it just disappears. I've rebooted the PC then thought that maybe, for some reason, Norton might be blocking it, so I disabled Norton and the same thing happens. This happens on both of my PCs. Have there been any other complaints of this? I still have MuseScore 2.3.2 installed, so I'm glad 3 did not overwrite that.


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I'm having the same issue, the only way I can get musescore 3.0.1 to run is without the audio interface. To do this press 'Windows Key + R' on your keyboard to open the "Run" dialogue, then type :

MuseScore3.exe -s

This issue was supposed to be addressed in 3.0.1 but users are still having issues. I think MS 3 doesn't like some people's audio drivers. Unfortunately I still have to use 2.3.2 for the time being.

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See if it works if you set the pref to resume last session.

If people would tell what sound hardware and driver info they are using it would help to trouble shoot the problem. "-s let me start the program" doesn't tell us why yours doesn't work and mine does.

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Sorry :\ I just tried switching to Continue Last Session and it still crashed when I clicked OK. By the way, I"m using Realtek HIgh Definition Audio on this PC but it also crashed when using my Tascam US-1200 as the Audio Source. Not sure of the sound driver on my Desktop PC.

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Thank you. I'm not finding a pattern to the crashes, but my knowledge is limited. Perhaps someone with more knowledge than me can get information on the crashes to find something in common. Are you using Windows 10 on both systems?

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Just installed Musescore 3 will now open and there is audio. When I tried to save the Prefs to start blank, I get a Writing Workspace File error but the pref did save.
Will try using this over the course of the next few days and report any other errors I encounter.

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:( YUCK :( to MUSECORE 3 :(
Both myself and a fellow arranger downloaded Musescore 3 and after creating a score the Software CRASHED and all of our work was lost. Both uninstalled Musescore 3 and went back to using Musescore 2.3.2 --- which of course was unable to read the Musescore 3 file we had created. --- so we both lost valuable time and all of our creative effort.

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You didn't need to delete musescore 3 because 2 & 3 will work fine together on a computer at the same time. You can use version 3 to export the score to musicxml and open it in version 2. You will lose some formatting but the notes and instruments will still be there.

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