Drag and drop of text item will not allow placement on next system

• Jan 26, 2019 - 20:21
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First - this is a big improvement over the placement of Hebrew text above notes
First observation on instantiation of attached: the third English textual element pushes over into the next page. (This was true in Musescore 2 as well)
Note that the specification in the XML is being ignored re placement
(musescore 2 observed the XML specification of textual position)

I drag the third element to be over the next system
Observed - it snaps to a location I did not drag it to.

Workaround, I can detach that element from its current position and attach it to another note.
enter- select all, cut text, redo text on the next system.
Observed, text does not paste with its current properties (font size is larger)
Text does not place above the Hebrew as before, but below.
Your movement is better than Musescore 2 but it creates a situation where I cannot get the text to be consistent with the rest of the score.
I tried to drag the text above the Hebrew but all the Hebrew jumped above the English.
Expected behaviour: where I drag the English to is where I want it, I expect it to move independent of other text.

This is a real nuisance - I would have to recreate each of the Text items by hand. Long and tedious. These are all produced by automation direct from the Leningrad codex of the Text

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I'm not sure, but it sounds like you may be moving things around by dragging them expecting everything else to ignore this. If that is you goal, the you need to remove the check from automatic placement in the inspector first. Though you trying to be systematic in what you are explaining it is a bit vague to give specific help.

Thanks - sorry not to be more specific. I did try removing automatic placement. Nice idea but the behaviour is unpredictable.
1. select text
2. remove auto-placement (AP)
observed that the text moved by itself overlapping other text and became unselected
expected no movement of the text when I click on the inspector (a feature I have not seen or used before)
3. selected text
observed AP came on by itself
expected it would not do that
3. turned off AP
moved the text
observed that AP did not come on and text was still selected
I was able to move the text where I pleased
4. selected another bit of text
AP showed as on - I infer that it is on by default as a property of the text.
turned AP off
observed: text and staff moved destroying the placement of text I had already moved.

I see that I can select all the text and turn off AP all at once. I did not test to see if these property values persisted after a save and restart.
I admit that my workaround of is no longer supported. This placed the text below the staff in version 2. I will continue using version 2 for now.

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Turning off auto placement text works from what I've seen. There are several types of text, which one are you trying to move?

All text has a Placement option that allows you to change default placement between above and below so dragging, using inspector offsets or anything else is not needed.

Are you using 3.0.1.xxxx?

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I expect I must be using the latest version since I just downloaded it this morning. The text I was moving around is the English text. I am talking about text such as is put in with ctrl-t. I’m not talking about lyrics. In the sequence above I was only dragging English text.

ctrl+t text is staff text, and the language shouldn't matter and I only speak English.

When you disable Auto placement on an item, it is ignored by all other items. So if you have a Tempo text, which by default is placed above the staff text, it will move down as though the staff text no longer exists, but the staff text is still selected. At this point it's easiest to use ctrl+arrows to make it where you can see it. You can then drag it around the screen where ever you like and it won't affect anything.

(* The rules of probability pertaining to MuseScore clearly states that if two items occupy the same space, clicking will always select the wrong item. If you did this, then you selected the other text and it's auto placement was still turned on.

As I said above, if you goal is to move it below the current staff then use the Placement option. If you want it on a different staff, the select it, cut it and paste it where you want it.

MuseScore 3 is different than version 2. It will take a little getting used to.

If I'm mistaken about something, then attach a file and explain how to recreate your issues. We can then either figure out how to do it or file a bug report.

(*_ this rule does not really exist, it's just my observation from experience.😁