Staff Properties window is too large

• Oct 14, 2018 - 10:50
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Win 10 / MS 3.0-dev, 29204d5

The minimum size for the Staff properties window is considerably bigger under 3.0-dev than it was under MS 2.2 .

MS 2.2: 16.4 x 12.8 cms.
MS 3-dev: 17.2 x 14.8cms.

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It may be a windows issue. On my windows 10 system the Staff Properties window is quite a bit larger than on all 2.x versions. Possibly related, are the icons in the palettes about 3 times as large as they are in version 2.3.2?

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The increase in minimum height and width is due to the new properties added in 3.0-dev: "Hide when empty" and "Cutaway." Is some rearrangement possible to reduce this difference?

Reducing the height should be quite simple, if we accept much less space for the instrument names, which I think should be OK. jeg

OS: macOS High Sierra (10.13),
Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):,
revision: 06a66a2

Staff / Part propaties window is still too big on my Mac.
full size in the screen..

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Yes, I meant that. Strange, as it is much smaller for me by default, on Windoes, like @Anatoly-os screenshot above, which is macOS like yours
Sure, it is bigger in 3.0 than it was in 2.3.2, but not that much

Hmm, that crash may mean that it didn't do the reset, so try locating MuseScore3.ini (for Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/org.musescore.MuseScore3.plist) and remove the line about EditStaff

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oops, the initial issue wasn't about it beeing that large, just larger than in 2.x and possibly getting it slightly smaller again...