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• Jan 14, 2019 - 02:45
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I am preparing an opera reduction score with instruments scored with different meters. Although the software seems to allow the different meters , it prevents me using cut and paste, which with a long opera score is really essential .

In this case I was trying to duplicate the last measure of the second violin part. It made no difference if I removed tremolos. if I copy the measure I get the error message as indicated . I can re-write the 3/4 in 9/8 but that makes for a very awkward reading for the instrumentalists


Reported version 3.0 2.3

I did find a bit of a work around but cumbersome and musicians will have trouble with it. I can make the dupple indicator invisible but those tied quarter notes to make up a half note very awkward.

Also this was aversion 2.3 not 3. 0

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The work around is to enter a time sig either 9/8 or 3/4, the choice is yours. To change the display to the other one, right click the time sig, select Time sig. properties and change the displayed time signature. You then use triplets (if you entered 3/4) or duplets (if you entered 9/8) to make the notes the correct length. You can then copy and paste to your hearts content with no issues. Once you're done with the duplets or triplets, select all of those measures, right click a tuplet number and choose select>All similar elements in range selection. You can then set Number and Bracket to nothing in the inspector on all of them at once.

I closed this issue because it is long known. Hopefully it can get fixed in the next year.